Strength Training For Golf Using “Golf Swing Stretches”

Strength Training For Golf

If you hear “golf swing stretches” and wonder what this has to do with strength training for golf, then don’t forget the same muscles you expect to increase strength are the ones you need to stretch before you reach the tee. Just as important as the strength training for golf you do away from the course is the stretching you do once you get there. Smart professional golfers perform routine flexibility exercises before each game so you’ll be in good company once you adopt this habit for your own golf. You want to do this before you go to the driving range or putting green as well as before your game to warm up your muscles and prepare the joints of your body to swing a golf club.

Most golfers are keenly aware of all the good things that come to them from warm up exercises. Unfortunately, for us, the time required to perform a comprehensive golf warm-up program with golf flexibility exercises is not always the most convenient due to restrictions caused by our schedules.

You know this from personal experience if you ever set your tee time for Thursday at 1:00pm and then got stuck with an unavoidable client phone call and then found yourself stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

This kind of thing isn’t just golf, it’s life, right?

Strength Training for Golf

You want to be mentally prepared and focused. You want to have already performed strength training exercises so that your swing improves each time you hit the ball.

The reality for most of us though is that we just don’t have the time to do the kind of strength training for golf that would benefit us the most both in terms of what we shoot and for our health and fitness.

So what should you do?


Pro golfer John Daly was famous for his long drives and advocated the “grip it and rip it” approach to the swing. The problem is if you do this cold without stretching first, you can risk injury to your joints as well as increase the chances of pulling a muscle. Sometimes if your body isn’t warmed up before you swing, the muscles will compensate and throw your swing off causing you to hook or slice.

The solution is to find a way to at least get the most important stretches done to warm up even if you don’t have time to do all you’d like to have done before you get to the tee.

Don’t just rush to take a few swings and sink a few puts.


(You need to loosen up to get your body ready to swing a club and you can do this in five minutes.)

These golf stretches are really just flexibility exercises that will loosen your joints and muscles so that you’re prepared to swing.

Try to take it easy so that you can prepare yourself mentally. Some deep breaths will help slow your body down enough to give you a better swing tempo.

When you are finally ready for your turn, you can match your swing tempo to the swing tempo of your practice swing. That’s a pro tip that will help your game the first time you use it.

Get Comfortable Standing Over the Ball

If something doesn’t feel right when you’re standing over the ball, it’s okay to step away a few steps and take a couple of practice swings until you match the rhythm and feeling of your practice swing tempo before you take your swing.

So as simple as this little five minutes of practice swinging is to add to your routine, the results can be wonderful for your peace of mind/mindset as well as for your actual physical performance. Mental focus and preparation are just as important so think about the best golf shot to take and visualize yourself making it until you are mentally prepared to do it physically. Strength training for golf really means your body is stronger and more prepared for your swing as well as for your stamina. Stretching with practice swings will help you so start doing this as soon as you can if you haven’t already and your score (as well as your joints) will thank you.

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