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Strength Training For Golf Using “Golf Swing Stretches”

Strength Training For Golf If you hear “golf swing stretches” and wonder what this has to do with strength training for golf, then don’t forget the same muscles you expect to increase strength are the ones you need to stretch before you reach the tee. Just as important as the strength training for golf you do away from the course is the stretching you do once you get there. Smart professional golfers perform routine flexibility exercises before […]

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Getting Into The Swing Of Things

Watching golf on TV, it is often very easy to become complacent about what the sport requires of you.To the untrained eye, it is simply a matter of hitting the ball really hard once, slightly less hard another time or two, and then trying to get an accurate putt to round the hole off. What could be more simple? Actually, a lot of things. It may seem like those professionals just put the ball on the tee […]

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Tips On How To Play Better Golf

Whether you play golf for business, recreational or professional reasons it is best that you know the essential things that can help you to play better golf. After all no matter what your golf playing reasons are, you still want to win. So here are some tips to help you lay better golf: Prepare Yourself If you are not prepared to play mentally and physically, you won’t be at your best. So anytime you have any golf […]

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